Replacing obsolete electrical panels in Trois-Rivières


An electrical panel ensures the power supply of a building in Trois-Rivières by connecting the connections of the interior circuit to the exterior distribution network. It also acts as a protection against electrical overloads, power surges and short circuits.

How important is it to have an electrical panel in good condition?

Having an electrical panel in good condition guarantees your safety above all. Indeed, the malfunctioning of this equipment increases the risk of fire or electrocution following a short-circuit for example. Moreover, an electrical panel in poor condition could damage your appliances or shorten their life span, as it no longer fulfills its protective role and could even deprive you of electricity in the future.

Why should I trust a professional to replace my electrical panel?

A qualified professional has the knowledge, experience, skills and equipment to perform the replacement and installation according to current standards to ensure your long-term comfort and safety. He or she can also provide you with the best advice on which system is right for you based on your energy consumption, the appliances you use and your budget.

How do you know when it's time to replace your electrical panel?

You should seriously consider replacing your electrical panel when you notice any of the following signals:

  • The equipment makes an unusual noise.
  • You smell a suspicious odor coming from the unit.
  • The device gives off heat.
  • Rust is starting to appear on the housing.
  • Therefore, it is important to check the electrical panel regularly to see if it needs to be replaced, especially if it is starting to age or if you notice any problems with the electrical distribution within the building.

Who to choose for electrical panel replacement in Trois-Rivières?

Choose Erco for the replacement of your electrical panel in Trois-Rivières and other cities in Quebec such as Laval or Montreal. We put at your service qualified professionals who will advise you on the best steps to take in case of problems and carry out an installation that meets your expectations. We have proven experience in the field of electrical panels and entrances and we have already completed more than 3,000 projects since our inception.

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Ensure the proper functioning of your electrical panel with a professional in the field

Having a well-functioning electrical panel ensures your comfort, safety and the longevity of your appliances. Therefore, it is essential to replace the equipment as soon as it shows signs of wear such as rust, an unusual smell or noise. For this, call on Erco's technicians who will put their skills and knowledge at your service to satisfy you, whether it is a replacement, new installation, repair or just a verification. You can reach us directly at 450-231-5692 for more information or get a free quote by sending us an email from the official Erco website.

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