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Our panels are not exciting, but they do allow you to do exciting things.

Replacement of
obsolete electrical panels

Efficient, compliant and guaranteed, our electrical panels are the foundation of all your home improvement projects.

Adding Electrical Appliances

Upgrade Your Electrical System

Increase Your Property Value

Prevent Fire Hazards

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Satisfied Clients
Passionate Electricians

One Day and It’s Handled.

One day is all we need to remove your old panel, install the new one and connect all the wiring.

Parts and Material

We provide all necessary materials to replace your electrical panel. 

Complete Job

Installation, connection, initial operation: we even take the old panel off your hands.

Compliance Report

We provide you with a report certifying that the work performed is compliant.

Adding Appliances

Our Panels Can Handle It.

Start off your renovation and appliance addition project with a solid foundation: an electrical panel designed to meet the needs of today and tomorrow.

  • Pool and Spa
  • Air Conditioning and Heating
  • Charging Stations

Accessible, Fast, Hassle-Free.

Fixed Rate

No surprises: you know how much the job will cost up front!

Competitive Prices

Our prices are highly competitive and are all-inclusive.

Easy Financing

Repay your investment with ease, at your own pace.

Guaranteed, Start to Finish.

Not only is our work top-notch, but it comes with a comprehensive guarantee that covers all aspects of your project. One less thing for you to worry about!

Parts and Material

All parts and materials we install are backed by our guarantee. Got a problem? We’ll take care of it!


Our work complies with all applicable standards and is 100% covered by our guarantee.

Power Surge

In the event that a power surge damages one of your appliances, we will provide a replacement at no charge.*

*Some conditions apply, contact a representative for details.

We Get Along Well with Our Customers.

"Very good experience I recommend them professionalism and very competent. The installers are courteous and very professional.
Thanks for the service!"

Sanders Nicolas
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"Fast & professional installation.
Very diligent work!"

Stéphane Beaupré
Google Reviews

I had my old 150 amp panel changed to a 200 amp. Great professional work. Fast and courteous service! I recommend to all!

Martin Paquette
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"Fast, honest,
professional & friendly service!"

Jonathan P
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"Great service. Eric was professional and reliable in every step of the service. I highly recommend!"

Jillianne Gignac
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"Work performed when and as scheduled. Super confidence with Eric who did estimate and work."

Francois Legros
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